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Workers install piering
Workers install piering
Perfect Pier™ is the best pier alternative on the market today. This innovative high strength piering system incorporates compact interlocking segments that consist of high-strength hydraulic mortar that has been pre-cast inside steel sleeves. This patented interlocking segment design has proven to combine the advantages of current technologies, while eliminating their flaws.
The Perfect Pier™ segments are hydraulically driven one at a time into the ground. After one segment has been driven a second segment is connected to the first and the process is repeated until the Perfect Pier™ hits bedrock or stable strata.

The foundation pier is then finished by assembling the head components. From the "platform" created by the head assembly, we can then lift the structure with hydraulic jacks, returning the structure to its original elevation. By casting hydraulic mortar inside a 2 7/8" steel sleeve, we have gained the ability to drive the pier all the way to stable strata, and we have also gained the enormous compressive strength of hydraulic mortar these two factors combined with the positioning of the pier directly under the center of the weight of the foundation wall has eliminated offset load factors created by other piering systems. No other piering system compares to Advanced Segment Systems Perfect Pier™ when it comes to the overall efficiency of pier installation. Experienced foundation repair professionals who have used other systems overwhelmingly prefer the Advanced Segment Systems Perfect Pier™.

Texas Whitehouse Perfect Pier Installation

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